Insight Vidyasena Production

IVP is a part of marketing division in Vidyasena organization. We provide many different Buddhist goods and accessories. We also publish many Buddhist books, which consist of free and commercial books.

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Spread Dhamma for all sentient beings


Vidyasena is a Buddhist youth social organization which has a base at Vihara Vidyaloka Yogyakarta. Founded on February 1st, 1987, it has become one of the main Buddhist youth organization under Sangha Theravada Indonesia (STI) guidance.

Vihara Vidyaloka

Jln. Kenari Gg. Tanjung 1 No.231, Miliran, Yogyakarta - 55165
Phone/Fax: (0274) 2923432, HP: +62815 6866 543

Keluarga Besar Alumni Vidyasena

Kesariya is a group of Vidyasena alumni which located all over the world. Founded in 2016, it has been actively engaged in many social activities.


Serve Others Through Big Family

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